Monday, October 30, 2017

BONUS: Mark Robertson of Prayer Flags and The Ragamuffin Band

Bassist, song-writer, and producer Mark Robertson is a legend as far as we are concerned here at Between the Songs. Not only was he a member of Rich Mullins' Ragamuffin Band and the lead singer of This Train, but he also recorded the Canticle of the Plains and Mitch McVickers' first solo album. Finally, we invite you to even try to keep up with all the various acts he has played with over the years (Legendary Shack Shakers, The Eskimo Brothers, Altar Boys, Derek Hoke, and more...). Robertson has just released an album with his new band Prayer Flags and so we decided to take the opportunity to talk about the new music, his long history in the music business, and his time with Mullins. Although today's bonus episode features some of his reflections on Mullins a majority of that section of our interview will air on future episode of Between the Songs.

Prayer Flags Links:

Purchase, download, or stream Prayer Flags' debut album
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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

BONUS: Matt Walden with the St. Rich Beard Oil story and the Andrew Peterson Liturgy Legacy Tribute Concert

Concert photos courteous of the illustrious Bob Boyd.

This bonus episode features an interview with Matt Walden, the creator, maker, and perpetrator of St. Rich Beard Oil. Not only do we get into the beard oil origin story, but Matt also gives an extensive account of his weekend in Nashville where he attended the Andrew Peterson A Liturgy, A Legacy, & A Ragamuffin Band tribute concert, as well as a party with a number of Mullins' old friends. Finally, the episode features the full version of Chris' St. Rich Beard Oil advertisement. Essentially, Chris performs Matt Walden's story and explanation of this wonderful product he birthed into existence which you can now smother all over your face-tendrils. You can stream the episode below, but first here are some relevant links that came up in the episode:
They sold out at the Ryman!
Where to purchase St. Rich Beard Oil (artist who painted the beard oil art)
Bob Boyd's extensive photography from the Liturgy/Legacy Tribute Concert

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