ABOUT THE SHOW: Rich Mullins: Between The Songs is a podcast by Joe Cook of the Ragamuffin Archive and Chris Marchand of PostConsumer Reports—two self-proclaimed Rich Mullins superfans. Each episode takes an in depth look at each one of this iconic artist's albums, a particular project, or a particular aspect of his career. It features interviews with his friends and people he worked with along with a commentary by Joe and Chris on the album in focus.

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You can visit the Ragamuffin Archive Youtube page here: 


Here you can listen back to Chris' first interview with Joe, where he explains the origins of the archive:

PCR Podcast Episode 19: Joe Cook of the Ragamuffin Archive

Finally, here is one of Chris' articles about Mullins from the PostConsumer blog, including a list at the end with links to all his other Mullins-related articles:
Rich Mullins: My Patron Saint

BETWEEN THE SONGS THEME MUSIC Ted Yoder's "The Measure" from his album Chocolate Skies

BIO: Ted Yoder is a critically acclaimed hammered dulcimer player and recording artist. You can find out more about him, listen to his music, and view his touring schedule at: https://www.tedyoder.com/

FROM TED ABOUT RICH MULLINS: "I never did get to talk to Rich face to face. I never wanted to approach him like a fan asking for an autograph. I admired his musicianship, his critical thinking, and his walk with God. He reminded me of Keith Green and I idolized both men. Their abandonment, compassion, and rebellion all spoke to who I wanted to be and what my relationship to God would be like. I believe Rich saw into who God is, made it simple and profound, and gave it to us whether we liked it or not. I was and still am greatly influenced by the man who was Richard Wayne Mullins. I miss him dearly."

Here's our theme song in full:

BETWEEN THE SONGS IMAGE: by David R. Banta. Used with permission: © David R Banta

David R Banta is an international fine art photographer. He has exhibited in Italy, France, Greece, Armenia and Boston. You can find his work

at: https://davidrbanta.com/

FROM DAVID ABOUT RICH MULLINS: "Rich Mullins was there when I was a brand new baby Christian. Jesus saved me and pointed me in the direction of Christian music. At that time, altar calls at concerts were not uncommon. The Holy Spirit was moving powerfully. I bumped into Rich along the journey. His music was at the top of my desert island CD's list and I still include him at the top of my songwriter list. Rich was extremely amiable and allowed easy access. My photo of him perched on the back of his favorite pickup "Ruby" is a prized photograph of mine. I shot it on black & white film and hand-colored it. It's a one-of-a-kind image. Rich's heart for Jesus always choked me up and encouraged me to continue this difficult but treasured journey following Jesus. His death was a terrible loss to me but the joy will be joining him on the other side."ˆ

The original Image in full:

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