St. Rich Beard Oil

St. Rich Beard Oil is the officially unofficial sponsor of Rich Mullins: Between the Songs podcast. 
This means 3 things:
1.) St. Rich Beard Oil is a real thing and is actually quite the high quality product (see below for the full story).
2.) St. Rich Beard Oil is all a for a bit of fun (again, check out the story).
3.) St. Rich Beard Oil isn't actually paying advertising money to the podcast, but is instead donating all profits to a good cause: (it's all explained in the story).
4.) Matt Walden, the maker of the oil, got the blessing from Mullins' family to be able to do all this, especially since the proceeds go to charity.

You can purchased a bottle for $15.00 plus shipping and handling through any of the following options: 
1.) contact Matt Walden on facebook
2.) email Matt at or

Matt will reply to you email with an invoice which will include a Paypal link directing you to a secure site to pay for your order. 

DISCLAIMER: this is still a hobby for Matt and he travels A LOT, so please don't expect to get a bottle the next day as if he is Amazon Prime. It might take him awhile, but everyone will get what they paid for.
The St. Rich Beard Oil Story—by Matt Walden  
so, i have a beard, and it’s not your average beard... it takes an awful lot to tame this furry friend living on my face. most people think that people with a beard are lazy because they don’t shave everyday. while it’s true that shaving hasn’t been a part of my morning ritual for quite sometime, my morning consists of other rituals people without a beard simply have no clue about. like the fact that i condition my beard every day, and stand in the shower naked (you’re welcome for the visual) for five minutes waiting for this magical combination of ingredients to untangle the wild, magnificent beast hanging from my face. upon exiting the shower, i dry my beard, then dive into an assortment of beard brushes, combs, lotions, balms and yes, beard oil. lazy? not me!

i’ve heard it said that some people just aren’t meant to have beards, and they are called women and children... if you think it’s ok for a man to shave, i’d agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong.

i digress... back to st. rich beard oil.

i live in houston, tx, and i used beard oil from a company called “dream beard” out of atlanta, ga for years. i always had a couple bottles of beard oil in my cabinet, and i regularly gave it away to bearded friends who needed some, but one time while i was on the road, a friend of mine named Ennie Hickman ran out, and since i wasn’t available to give him a bottle, and he didn’t know where to buy more, he got the bright idea to make his own. upon my return, he bestowed upon me the first bottle he had created, to which i promptly replied, “if my beard falls out, i’m gonna kick your ass”. i tried his beard oil, and i’m pleased to say my beard didn’t fall out. it got me thinking that maybe i could make a beard oil that smells the way i want to smell and not the way some company thinks i should.

i started researching how to make beard oil, and looking into the benefits of different ingredients on your beard, skin, etc... i got in touch with one of the guys at dream beard who was extremely helpful and supportive of me diving into this new adventure. (i still use several dream beard products along with st. rich beard oil) i went shopping for all the ingredients i wanted to use to make my own beard oil, and started the process of trial and error. some mixtures were too thin, others didn’t seem to have the desired effect. eventually, i thought i had settled on my formula and took a bottle to Ennie and he loved it! but i couldn’t be sure if he really liked it or if he was telling me it was great because he’s one of my best friends. so i decided to expand my testing to some of the bands i work for, bands who contain some of the most fantastical bearded gentlemen this planet has ever seen.

my first tester from outside houston was mac powell from the band third day. in december of 2014 i was on the road with third day and steven curtis chapman on their christmas tour. when mac used it, he said if i could just figure out how to get some cigarette smoke in there, it would smell just like rich mullins. the beard oil i had created was heavily patchouli based along with other ingredients, and rich was known for wearing patchouli, so the comment made me laugh. as i made subsequent bottles i began putting a piece of fluorescent gaff tape on the bottles with the words "st. rich" on them. almost 20 years after his death, rich is still a regular topic of conversation during

late night tour bus conversations. st. rich is how he's often referred to on the road. it's tongue in cheek. we all know rich was no saint, but that's the beauty of the story. God did incredible things with an incredibly flawed individual.

as the beard oil made it's rounds, word started to get out. people i'd never met in the music business started asking for bottles of "st. rich". one of the members of the band crowder gave a bottle to andrew peterson when he went in for the photo shoot for his burning edge of dawn album cover. he fell in love with it and had to get more. at about this time, i decided to design a label. i called a friend of mine named scott erickson and commissioned him to make a painting about "st. rich" i could turn into a logo/label for the beard oil. i already owned several pop art pieces of his where he took people from movies/film and drew them as icons along with a golden halo and a clever play on words. for all you LOST fans out there, i am the proud owner of the original paintings used in chris seay's book "the gospel according to LOST" of st. charlie (the patron saint of repentant rock star drug addicts) and st. john locke. (the patron saint of the fatherless)

so he spent a lot of time painting st. rich, the patron saint of ragamuffins, which is now proudly hanging in my living room. (you can view all the paintings by appointment any time you're in houston) i turned it into a logo and started getting those put on the bottles i was making. i sent a few to andrew peterson, and he posted a pic to instagram that kinda blew the cover off my favorite hobby. i started getting contacted by people asking how they could buy it, and my answer has always been the same, it's not for sale. it's something i do because i enjoy it, and i give it away to my friends, that's it. i've never made a dime off of it and have no intention of ever doing so. i like to say this is all one big joke that's gone WAY too far!

i was recently contacted by chris and joe to see if st. rich would be interested in being a sponsor of their podcast. i initially declined, but with all the buzz about the events and projects going on surrounding the 20th anniversary of rich's passing, i decided "why not". people want it, so let's make it happen finally.

so here's the deal. for the duration of this podcast only, i'll sell bottles of st. rich beard oil to anybody who's interested, and ALL the money will go to a missionary group based out of houston called adore ministries. the president of adore is the same guy who gave me the idea to make my own beard oil in the first place. i won't keep a single penny.

Once again, to purchase: you can find st. rich beard oil on facebook or email Matt Walden directly at or  a bottle of st. rich beard oil is $15.00 plus shipping and will go to a good cause:


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