Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Music of Jimmy Abegg

In our first episode we let you all know how amazing we thought Jimmy Abegg was at guitar and songwriting. But then we realized many of you may not even know what we mean. In order to remedy a lack of Jimmy A's music in your life we put together a list of much of his work. Below are various videos of Jimmy playing and links to where you can stream his solo albums and his albums with the band Vector. Also included are his times with Mullins and the Ragamuffins, with Charlie Peacock and Vince Ebo, and with Steve Taylor and the Perfect Foil. Let's hope Jimmy is able to put out more music in the future!

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First, you should check out one of Jimmy's more recent works, The Beatitudes Project: . Jimmy's art is featured on the album cover and he recorded guitar parts for many of the songs.

Vector’s “Please Stand By” album:

Vector’s “Mannequin Virtue” album:

Vector’s “Simple Experience” album:

Jimmy Abegg’s “Entertaining Angels” album:

Jimmy Abegg's "Secrets" album:


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