Tuesday, August 15, 2017

BONUS: Andrew Greer Interview On New Mullins Book and a Recap of the Escape to the Lake Tribute Concert

Chris had the opportunity to attend UTR Media's 2017 Escape to the Lake music festival and retreat in Cedar Lake, Indiana. This bonus episode of Between the Songs features an exclusive interview with Andrew Greer, the author of the new book on Rich Mullins Winds of Heaven Stuff of Earth: Spiritual Conversation Inspired by the Life & Lyrics of Rich Mullins. Their talk goes in depth about how the book came together (which features numerous reflections from those who knew Mullins or were inspired by him) as well as about the Mullins tribute album Greer is going to start working on with UTR's Dave Trout, Andrew Osenga, Andrew Peterson, and Reed Arvin (yes, you read that last one correctly!). This bonus also features Chris' recap of Escape to the Lake, the wonderful Mullins tribute concert that took place there, and how he got to hang out with Jimmy Abegg, Ben Pearson, and The Mosleys.

You can pre-order the book (and receive some great extras) by visiting it's official website:

Finally, Joe and Chris were able to share more about the Window Rock tribute concert that will be taking place on September 16. We would love to see you all there. If you want more info on the event or would like to financially support it, please visit our page: 

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Important Rich Mullins Links

In case you missed some of the Rich Mullins focused websites we mentioned during our 2nd episode on the Zion album, we wanted to provide them for you now.

Here is the Rich Mullins timeline: 


Here is Calling Out Your Name: 

Here is Joe's interview with Aaron Smith (drummer of the Ragamuffin Band), where Joe gets to share his story of getting into radio and working for Western Indian Ministries:

Here is where you can give to the Window Rock Tribute Concert in September.

Here is Beth Snell Lutz's "Rich Mullins Early Music" Youtube page:

Here is where you can buy St. Rich Beard Oil: 

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