Monday, July 31, 2017

Ep2: Zion's Behold the Man with Beth Snell Lutz

Episode 2 of Rich Mullins: Between the Songs features an in depth look at Rich Mullins' first independent album with his band and ministry Zion. Behold the Man was only ever released independently in 1981, but was kept alive through various bootleg tapes or vinyl copies if you could find them. Joe has put the album up on the Ragamuffin Archive though, so now we can all listen to it. The episode also features an extensive interview with Beth Snell Lutz, Mullins' bandmate and friend. She offers a rare peek into Mullins' early years in Cincinnati leading up to how he found his way into the recording industry in Nashville.

Please check out our previous article so you can listen through the album and read through Beth's commentary on the songs. As always, the episode features Joe and Chris' commentary on the album as well as updates on the various Rich Mullins tributes going on this year. On top of everything else are excited to announce our first "sponsor" of the podcast, St. Rich Beard Oil, which you should most definitely check out here. And finally, Joe's 20th Anniversary Tribute Concert in Window Rock is really coming together, but the event needs patrons and sponsors. Please check out our page for how you can help fund this important event, which will feature David Mullins, Jimmy Abegg, Mitch McVicker, and Eric Hauck.

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Remember to check out Beth's "Rich Mullins Early Music" Youtube page:

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  1. If you had started this podcast two years ago, maybe there would have been an album re-release this year. Or maybe it would have taken five years of build-up. But what you're doing RIGHT NOW is setting the stage for the 25th anniversary memorial album. It will be awesome. You have NOT taken 'this Rich Mullins thing' too far. You are right where you're supposed to be. Be blessed, be Jesus, and be persistent, my friends.

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