Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Ep 3: Window Rock Tribute Q&A With a Message From David Mullins

Episode 3, released on the 20th Anniversary of Rich Mullins' death, features a Q&A recorded live at the Window Rock Tribute Concert (September 16, 2017), and features David Mullins, Mitch McVicker, Beth Snell Lutz, Andrew Osenga, and Chuck Harper. Though only a half hour long, Joe and Chris' discussion features a candid look at Mullins' life, especially from David and Mitch.

Then, we were so moved by David Mullins' talk during the concert we decided to include it as well. The tribute concert was a night of beauty, celebrating Rich Mullins' music and life, but his brother David's talk was a challenge to us all. Looking at the life of Jesus, Rich, and his own, David asked the question: "How do you live a life of impact?" It's a talk filled with unexpected twists and turns as well as acerbic humor.

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Here is a brief montage of the Tribute. A full release should be coming in the future.
Rich Mullins 20 Year Tribute from Little Brown Dog Productions on Vimeo.

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