Friday, January 8, 2021

Work You Began Documentary Special

This episode features an interview with filmmaker Andrew Montonera about the new Rich Mullins documentary "The Work You Began: The Last Days of Rich Mullins." The film features new interviews with artists and friends, as well as the family he stayed with in the weeks before he died, and offers the stories surrounding the last concert he gave, the recording of Mitch McVicker's first album, and how the songs of the Jesus Record came together. It can be viewed at the Ragamuffin Archive Youtube page.

It's been a long time since our last episode and so we make sure to give at least a halfway decent explanation as to why that is during the episode. But other than the interview with Andrew, the episode features a discussion about the film, a brief preview of upcoming episodes (you heard that right!), vague hints of what Joe and Chris are up to regarding future projects in the Mullinsverse (TM 2021!), and some of the projects Chris has released over the years. Scroll down past the episode to view some pictures of where the Jesus Record Demos were recorded and for links to Chris' writing and music. You can listen to the previous episode that Andrew was a guest on here: An Inside Look at the Lost LeSEA Tapes.

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You can also view the film here:

The historic First Universalist Church of Elgin, IL, the location where Rich Mullins taped The Jesus Record demos on September 10, 1997. Photographs taken by Joe during a visit in 2016:

And the former location of Roswell East recording studios, where Rich and Mark Roberson produced Mitch’s first album.

In 2019 Chris wrote and published a book on the history and traditions of the 12 Days of Christmas (he's available for speaking engagements!). If you want an autographed copy you can email him at, or go the normal routes:
Chris has composed the music for a new iphone game called Driftr. It's fun, free, and you should play!

Chris has also helped produce and be a co-host on the new podcast Tent Theology with Stephen Backhouse, a political theologian.

Finally, Chris released an EP of instrumental Christmas music. It's mostly retro-synthesizer music (with well known songs) and any money he makes will go to a good cause.


  1. Thanks for posting the video above. I think I was his last video interview, and it was horrible. I apologized afterward, and he said, no, my interviews are usually horrible...

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